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an artist-run screening series for contemporary experimental film on film, video and expanded cinema since 2014

Mobile Studio


We are currently fundraising our way to $3800, in order to purchase a towable trailer that will be an amazing, mobile (cellular!) base of operations for hosting classes, workshops, filmmaking projects and screenings. The Cellular Cinema Mobile Studio will allow us to expand our community both here in the Twin Cities and beyond.

Cellular Cinema believes deeply in the micro-cinematic model for moving image art and filmmaking – local, relationship-based and organically evolving rather than following the commercial, industrial and often exploitive macro-cinematic model.

Our workshops and course offerings will be small, affordable and sustainable, dedicated to sharing the knowledge and collaborative processes of filmmaking on a scale and scope that is financially and creatively healthy for everyone involved.

Our teachers and workshop leaders will be the same people who teach at accredited institutions in Minnesota and elsewhere, so much of the instruction will be identical; the primary difference is that it will be offered at roughly 1/10th of the cost, and almost all of the tuition will go directly to the teaching artists.

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