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We live in bodies that move through the world, creating physical narratives. Through the use of gesture, a language develops between internal experience and the external world. An extension of the body, a strategy, a phrase, gestures communicate ideas which transcend words. What does it mean to embody an idea? How does expressing a gesture change through the chosen medium? This hybrid program will explore the language of gestures and the experience of pain, joy, fragility, and strength via single-channel video and live performance movement works.

Kym McDaniel (she/her/hers) is an experimental filmmaker, media artist, and choreographer currently based in what is now known as Binghamton, NY. Her experimental films have shown at Slamdance, Dance Camera West Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Antimatter, and in group and gallery exhibitions including the Rochester Contemporary Art Center (NY), Whitney Humanities Center at Yale University, and Bow Arts Gallery (London), among others.

An interdisciplinary multimedia artist, she has collaborated with choreographers and artists nationwide, most recently creating video textures in collaboration with choreographer Luc Vanier’s GREENGLASSDOOR project, multimedia projections for Danceworks Performance Company + Theatre MXT at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, and Super 8 / video projections for choreographer Simone Ferro’s Washington Square Park Project; a collaboration between the Dance, Film, and Architecture Departments at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As a freelance artist and videographer, she has worked for choreographers including Li Chiao-Ping Dance, Joanna Mendl Shaw/The Equus Projects, Daniel Burkholder/The Playground, Maria Gillespie/Oni Dance, Deb Loewen/ Wild Space Dance Company, and Elizabeth Johnson/Your Mother Dances.

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