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CC31 – Josh Weissbach: Domestic Emulsion

Josh Weissbach’s artistic practice is materially committed to analog film, a choice driven by his attraction to the breadth, limitations, and tangible manipulations of the 16mm frame. Employing experimental and non-fiction filmmaking techniques, the entirety of Weissbach’s cinematic project has been informed by topoanalysis, which is defined by Gaston Bacherlard as the “study of the sites of our intimate lives.” This has mostly manifested itself within The Addresses, which is an ongoing series of films that primarily focuses on the process of domestic spaces being unbuilt by familial trauma.

Josh Weissbach is an experimental filmmaker. He lives in a house next to an abandoned village with his wife, two daughters, and three cats.

His films and videos have been shown worldwide in such venues as Ann Arbor Film Festival, Mono No Aware, Chicago Underground Film Festival, 25 FPS Festival, and Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival. He has won jury prizes at Videoex, ICDOCS, $100 Film Festival, Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, and Haverhill Experimental Film Festival.

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