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CC26 – Dan Anderson: The Bearded Child (7/9/17)

For CC26, we’re delighted to welcome Dan Anderson of the Bearded Child Film Festival, a major figure in recent Minnesota experimental film history.

Dan is an experimental filmmaker, curator and video installation artist, born and bred in Northern Minnesota. He studied film under Phil Solomon at the University of Colorado, and has screened his movies to audiences in Uruguay, China and throughout North America and Europe. Dan’s movies are a mix of experimental documentary and cockeyed narratives, inspired by rural cultures and finding “the absurd within the mundane.”
In 2001, as a junior in high school, he founded the Bearded Child Film Festival in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The festival specialized in ultra low-budget, underground and outsider film, music and performance art. During its heydays from 2001-2008, Bearded Child was a yearly oasis for weirdness in the Iron Range, and toured to over 50 locations throughout the United States and Canada, including numerous small towns throughout the Midwest and Deep South, Quebec, San Fransisco and the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. T-shirts enshrining “Northern Minnesota’s Favorite Experimental Film and Music Festival” and still known to pop up at thrift stores and yard sales coast-to-coast.
For his visit to Cellular Cinema, Dan will discuss the history of Bearded Child, screen select works from the festival, and show a sampling of his own experimental and absurdist Super 8mm films and video projects.

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