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CC16 – Chronos: Measured Time (9/18/16)

For our almost-two-year anniversary, CC16 will feature work by Minnesota-based film and video artists on the theme of Measured Time.

The Greeks had two different words to describe time: Chronos and Kairos. Kairos is the immeasurable moment, the eternal present – whereas Chronos is quantifiable, clock-time, measurable in steadily accumulating increments.

During this cultural moment, we’re very Kairos oriented – we love the idea of escaping from the passage of time, or controlling it – whereas Chronos, being “on the clock” and powerless over it seems to trouble us.

But, the Greeks recognized that both types of awareness were necessarily in balance, and that there is beauty in Chronos as well as Kairos. And, cinema has an essential Chronos orientation, whether it’s 18, 24, or 30 frames per second.

Join us to contemplate and celebrate Chronos at the beginning of the school year, as the days start to get shorter and the earth begins its steady orbital glide away from the sun!

still image fromĀ “This is it” by Adam Dargan.

The screening will feature work by: Trevor Adams, Kelsey Bosch, Adam Dargan, Viola Liu, Xavier Tavera, Kevin Obsatz, and others.

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