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ARBOREALITY (CC Touring Program)

We’ll be taking this program of work by MN-based experimental filmmakers to Shell Lake, WI on February 13th, and to the Echo Park Film Center in LA on March 19th:



A program of short experimental film and video from Minnesota-based artists about elegy, impermanence, and trees.

Most of the media product we consume today comes with the implicit promise that we can have it whenever we want, wherever we want, forever. It can come to any of our devices, instantly available, and it will always be the same – crystal clear and vivid, digitally pristine, frozen in time.

Cellular Cinema, a loose collective of experimental filmmakers organized around a monthly screening series in Minneapolis, presents “Arboreality,” a touring program that questions this promise. We are interested in cinema as an ephemeral, shared community experience. No two screenings will ever be the same, and the films themselves, shown on 16mm, super-8 and digitally, explore themes of organic growth, change, and mortality.


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