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CC5: Basement Media Festival

July 27, 2015

Guest Curator: LJ Frezza

The BASEMENT Media Festival is a survey of contemporary artists working with lo-def, lo-tech, and lo-fi motion picture techniques. Founded in response to hi-res commercial media and corporate-sponsored film fests, BASEMENT is a celebration of the mediated experience as an aesthetic experience.


Artist Info:


Yates – http://thisisyates.tumblr.com/

Jarrett Hayman – http://jarretthayman.neocities.org/

John Wilson – http://johnsmovies.com/

Amelia Johannes – http://ameliajohannes.com/ & https://vimeo.com/ameliajohannes

Eric Stewart – https://vimeo.com/ecstaticerratic

Paul Turano – paulturano.com/

Jared Hutchinson – https://vimeo.com/jporter

Hannah Piper Burns – http://www.hannahpiperburns.com

Henning Frederik Malz – https://vimeo.com/henningfrederikmalz

Felipe Steinberg – https://vimeo.com/user2028768

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